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United Fiberglass Inc

United Fiberglass Inc. For all your Fiberglass water storage tank needs fiberglass stock tanks


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United Fiberglass Inc. offers a wide array of fiberglass tanks to meet all of your agricultural needs!

  • ​Approved for NRCS (SCS) Cost Sharing Program
  • All tanks are made with an anti-slip bottom allowing stock to maintain footing in the event they enter the tank.  The non-slip bottom prevents drowning and protects your cattle investment
  • Multiple fitting sizes available to fit your individual needs
  • Fiberglass tanks are lighter and easier to relocate than metal tanks, allowing you to change watering locations as the need arises
  • ​All tanks have optional tops
  • Heavy Duty Fiberglass Construction - will not rust or corrode
  • Life span in excess of 20 years and virtually maintenance free
  • Easily repaired if the need arises
  • We go where your are!! United Fiberglass Inc. will deliver to your specified location.  Fee for delivery will be quoted at the time of purchase. 

Varmint Escape Ramps

Small, Medium, Large

Float Boxes
24" x 30" tall
36" x 30" tall

Stock Water Tank Sizes:
4' dia X 2' high           190 Gallons
6' dia x 2' high            400 Gallons
8' dia x 2' high            750 Gallons
10' dia x 2' high          1175 Gallons
12' dia x 2' high          1680 Gallons
14' dia x 2' high          2140 Gallons
16' dia x 2' high          3000 Gallons
20' dia x 2' high          4700 Gallons
25' dia x 2' high          7340 Gallons
Tank fittings available in various sizes

Maintenance, Rust and Worry Free....


Petroleum and Environmental

Petroleum:  Oil and Gas Tanks

United Fiberglass has supplied the petroleum industry with tanks for over 40 years.  We provide corrosion resistant solutions for saltwater storage, drip containment, oil storage and more.  This website provides an overview of our tank product line; however, additional tank specifications are available.  Please call us to discuss your specific needs. 

  • Meets and exceeds API Standards
  • Quality control standards
  • Custom rig outs
  • Sizes range from 55– 428 BBL
  • Heavy duty Fiberglass construction
  • Maintenance, Rust and Worry Free
  • API 12-P Configuration
  • Easily repaired should need arise
  • Tank Battery systems

Environmental & Chemical


  • Various sizes available on request
  • Our filament wound and one-piece tanks can be built with dual wall system
  • Can be buried for chemical storage
  • Quality Control System to meet corrosive tank requirements
  • Water Treatment Plants, Meat Processing Plants, Cattle Feed Yards, Power Plants


Custom Fiberglass Fabrication

 Examples Include:

  • Gear Head Covers
  • Wildlife Water Guzzlers
  • Deer Blinds
  • Fan Blades
  • Fiberglass Grating
  • Fiberglass Pans
  • Fiberglass Fittings
  • Ponds
  • Motorcycle Compartments
  • Aviation Cones
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Fire Water Tanks
  • ​Tank Manifolds
  • Feed Troughs
  • Pump Covers


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